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"The MSL Institute is proof and reminder that every one of us can be an advocate for our deepest convictions. Don't ever be afraid to stand up for what is right: we may never know the extent of the difference we can make in the world." -- Jane Chin, Ph.D. Founder, MSL Institute

Back in the early 2000's, the medical science liaison profession was not well known and the MSL role was not appreciated even within the pharmaceutical industry. I founded the MSL Institute in 2004 to increase awareness of the MSL profession and to advocate for best practices in field-medical affairs. I worked with MSL directors and MSL professionals to examine critical questions about the MSL role and how the value of this role may be measured. I served to ask the questions that many MSLs thought about but dared not ask.

What began as a grassroots effort have become a formidable collection of fair-balanced resources about the MSL role. The resources in this MSL Institute Library represent a piece of history that shows just how far we have come as medical science liaison professionals, and how much farther we will travel as critical contributors to applied medical science.

JaneChin MSL Publications 2009


  1. Certification for the Medical Science Liaison: An Idea Whose Time Has Come — or Not. Drug Information Association Journal 2011. (with Jimmy Black and Ken Massey)

  2. Do the Right Thing: A Masterclass in Working with MSLs. Pharmaceutical Representative 2011.

  3. Medical science liaisons: A look to the future. Journal of Medical Marketing 2008 [06/2008; 8(3):193-197] (with Peter Dumovic)

  4. Ensuring MSLs Stick to the Science. Off-Label Communications: A Guide to Sales & Marketing Compliance 2008/2010 Editions. (with Bruce Armon / Book Chapter)

  5. Measuring performance of field-medical programmes: Medical science liaison metrics consensus. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 2007 Jane Chin.

  6. PharmaVoice 100 Most Inspiring People of 2006: The Risk Takers / Dr. Jane Chin: What Glass Ceiling? (Archive)

  7. Chapter 9 The Role of Pharma’s Field Based Professionals in Patient Compliance. Patient Compliance: Sweetening the Pill 2006.

  8. Relationship, Risk, and Reinvention: Lessons from Field-based Medical Programmes. Journal of the British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians 2006.

  9. Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Off-Label Promotion. Pharmaceutical Executive 2005.

  10. Biotechnology’s Special Forces: Field-based medical science liaisons. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 2004 [02/2004; 10:312-318]

  11. Training newly hired industry-naive medical science liaisons. Drug Information Association (DIA) Forum 2004. (with Anselm D’Costa)

  12. Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Show the Value. Pharmaceutical Executive 2004. Jane Chin.

  13. Canaries in the Coal Mine: MSLs in Competitive Intelligence. Pharmaceutical Executive 2004. (with Ben Gilad)

  14. Why liaisons lead to success in clinical trials. Good Clinical Practice Journal 2004.

  15. Medical science liaison training beyond box of books. Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (SPBT) Focus 2004.

"A lot of people today complain about their jobs. A few are doing something about it. Jane Chin founded the MSL Institute with the goal of safeguarding and enhancing the medical science liaison profession. This position has great value to drug companies, physicians, and our society. It calls for the highest standards of competency and ethical behavior.

Prior to Jane's efforts the position known as Medical Science Liaison was ill-defined and many believe on a path to extinction. Concerned with this drift Jane left her job as an MSL to start the MSL Institute which has set a variety of standards for the field and a set of accomplishments too numerous to list. There are newsletters, forums for exchange, training programs, and a job posting board to name only a few of the many resources that did not exist prior to Jane's efforts.

I hope you will consider her for your inspiring drivers in the life-sciences industry. She is making a difference." -- Senior Medical Science Liaison Nomination to PharmaVoice 100 in 2006.