Articles and resources on demonstrating and communicating value of field medical affairs programs.

Articles for field medical affairs programs when developing skills-based training for MSL teams.

Articles and resources on ethical field medical affairs activities, and staying on the compliant side of regulatory and prosecuting agencies.

ISSN 1547-7886. The first e-magazine created for medical science liaisons, created in 2003.

Original articles by Jane Chin PhD about the MSL role and function,  written *long before* MSL jobs became cool and field medical affairs became an "industry".

Original and conversational articles on the personal, the philosophy, and the work-life of your MSL career.

MSL Career Development (Video), MSL Career Satisfaction (Video), Archived mp3 episodes from 2005-2007 MSL Podcast: Year-End Review of MSL Issues, Metrics, Salary, MSL Work-Life Balance and MSL Job Satisfaction, Hot Topics in Pharma's Role, New Lessons from Neurontin, and Compliance Issues for MSLs.