Articles and resources on demonstrating and communicating value of field medical affairs programs.

Articles for field medical affairs programs when developing skills-based training for MSL teams.

ISSN 1547-7886. The first e-magazine created for medical science liaisons, created in 2003.

Original articles by Jane Chin PhD about the MSL role and function, written *long before* MSL jobs became cool and field medical affairs became an "industry".

Original and conversational articles on the personal, the philosophy, and the work-life of your MSL career.

Articles and resources on ethical field medical affairs activities, and staying on the compliant side of regulatory and prosecuting agencies.

MSL Career Development (Video), MSL Career Satisfaction (Video), Archived mp3 episodes from 2005-2007 MSL Podcast: Year-End Review of MSL Issues, Metrics, Salary, MSL Work-Life Balance and MSL Job Satisfaction, Hot Topics in Pharma's Role, New Lessons from Neurontin, and Compliance Issues for MSLs.